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Heather Zacker



About me

I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), serving individuals and teams in times of transition.

I did my training with the Coaches Training Institute, the largest and oldest coach training school in the country and an important force globally in professionalizing coaching and coach training. I’m also a veteran of the corporate healthcare world, and the world of public health, with a Master’s degree from the Harvard School of Public Health. I’m a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and an active participant in my community. In addition to coaching, I've worked planning healthcare programs, leading teams, and traveling the world in a power suit. On the side, I’ve had stints running music sessions for kids, writing about parenting, helping middle-schoolers build confidence and public speaking skills, and creating marketing programs for educational institutions. I’m active in the Jewish community. My creative pursuits help sustain me, particularly singing and writing. These days, while I still do some consulting and volunteer work, my focus is on coaching -- because I see how powerful coaching is.

I truly believe that if more people have a chance to experience coaching, the world will be kinder and more just, and filled with more people who are happy to be here and to contribute their own unique gifts to make a positive impact.

(Call me an idealist -- but that’s the way I see it.)

My path to coaching was not a straight line. I studied religion and psychology in college, did research for a few years, went to graduate school for public health policy and healthcare management, and balanced a career and family reasonably well. I even managed to do some writing, make some music, and get to the ocean now and then.

I often felt fulfilled in my career. I loved leading teams to innovate and implement. I loved seeing the impact of our work on the health of individuals and populations. I loved consulting with organizations that make a difference for people at risk, synthesizing information and analyzing new opportunities. I loved creating new collaborations and sharing best practices. I loved (and hated!) the way nothing was predictable. And I found a way to integrate my career with raising children.

But I noticed a growing dissatisfaction. I was no longer riding the waves; I was feeling tossed about, adrift. What kept me afloat: I found that nurturing and sparking personal and professional growth in others, learning and growing myself, finding opportunities for creative expression and new ways of thinking, were what was most fulfilling to me. I set a new course.

After three decades in healthcare, as well as my work in coaching and in life, it remains clear to me that each of us is always in transition one way or another. I want to help my clients navigate and engage actively in their transitions, so as to feel empowered and fulfilled. I want to share the journey with them, helping to warm and illuminate their paths with accountability, clarity, and transformation.