HeatherZacker 07 17

Do you want a mediocre life?

I didn’t think so.

Neither do I. And neither do my clients. 

So are you content with your life now?  What is your vision?

Each of us wants a life of meaning and fulfillment. But what does that mean? We may be happy with the way things are today, or we may feel a vague (or not-so-vague) dissatisfaction with the present, or certain aspects of it. We may have no idea what we want our future to look like -- our personal future, our professional future -- or we may have a vision of that future.

Sometimes our vision is blurry, or our view is obstructed by obstacles. Sometimes only the dimmest outlines are visible. Sometimes we see the destination clearly, but not the path to get there. And sometimes all we see is the need for something to be different from the way it is today, whether in small ways or big ways.

I believe that, as human beings, we are always in transition. We are all changing, all the time. Whether it’s your career, your relationships, your creative expression, your role in the world -- or simply how you feel today about your commute, your carpool, your cat, or your confidence -- you are not who you were yesterday or who you will be tomorrow.

As your coach, I'll be engaged in helping you identify and achieve the changes you want in your life -- in getting from here to there by finding and following a path that makes sense to you -- while relishing the journey.