So how does it work?

Together we will design the relationship. The details vary by client, but in all cases our relationship will be founded on trust, confidentiality, and commitment.  I will be completely committed to your agenda.  I'll be honest, nonjudgmental, and focused on moving the coaching process forward, and supporting you through  challenges, and celebrating your successes.

Practical Matters:

I offer a complimentary 30-minute sample session so we can determine whether we are a good fit, and discuss logistics and any questions you may have (schedule here).  If we choose to work together, we’ll start with a longer “discovery session” of 60 to 90 minutes. That session will serve as the foundation for our work together. We will meet regularly, typically by phone. I'm also happy to meet in person at my office if you're in the Boston area.  Generally, my clients and I plan on three 45-minute sessions per month. I know that schedules are challenging so we don’t have to stick with the same day of the week and time for each session. I ask clients to commit for a minimum of 3 months -- though most choose to continue longer -- so that there is time for us to really dig in and for you to see the shifts you're making become manifest in your life.

During the Sessions:

I’ll listen deeply. We may do some exercises along the way. I’ll ask a lot of questions.

Engaging with a coach means being ready to grapple with important questions, to truly engage with yourself. You don't need to know the answers -- we will figure it out together.  The answers -- and the new questions that arise -- will give insight, clarify your priorities, and help shape the map of your future experiences, accomplishments, and journeys.

Values: What fulfills you, gives you purpose? Together we will identify your priorities, and investigate where your life is and is not in alignment with your values. We will cultivate the inner resources that you draw upon in moving towards greater fulfillment.

Perspectives:  What frames of mind are guiding your choices in life or making it hard to move forward?  We'll explore new perspectives, you'll learn to more deliberately choose the perch from which to make each decision, and how to move towards your goals from a position of explicit, conscious choice.

Barriers: What obstacles are in your way? What self-limiting beliefs trip you up?  We will identify strategies for surmounting them -- or accepting them and finding a new path -- for both external and internal barriers.

Support: How can you express uncertainty, while remaining strong for your family? How can you move forward as a business leader when you feel vulnerable? We will identify inner strengths for you to draw upon, and find ways for you to feel supported and empowered to keep to the agenda that you’ve defined as important.

We’ll end each session with “homework,” which generally arises organically from the session. You always get to choose whether or not to accept the assignment! In between sessions, I invite you to text or email me if you’d like.


Coaching is not consulting -- although my decades of professional experience inform my coaching and help me tap into resources and knowledge that may be of benefit.  Coaching is not therapy -- although coaching acknowledges that in order to act differently in accordance with your values and goals, we will need to address who you are at heart, the impact of emotions and experience, and how you want to be in the world. 

Coaching IS a powerful way to deepen your learning and forward your action, towards the agenda you set. It will provide an opportunity for you to grow and a framework in which to ACT:

Accountability: I will be right there with you, providing support, encouragement, gentle prodding, and insight. I’ll also be frank with you, and challenge you in order to help you hold to your own agenda and goals. We will find momentum, move forward towards growth.  I will work as hard as I can to help you hold yourself accountable for meeting the goals you set for yourself. 

Clarity: Expect to find new insights—into your own thought and actions, those of others, your business goals, your parenting, your relationships. We will cut through the fog and the verbiage and the confusion and find clarity.

Transformation.  You have the answers within, and together we will shine a light on them, bring them to the surface, help you live by them, and evoke the transformation you seek.

Intrigued? Interested? Are you ready to try coaching? Email me to discuss any questions, and to schedule a time for a sample session.