Who gets coached?

I believe that everyone can benefit from coaching. I generally coach people who are in transition, or who want to be in transition.  I find the most successful coaching takes place with clients who are motivated and honest, open to taking an unflinching look at their lives and themselves, and committed to and enthusiastic about personal growth. They might be:

~ People at a career crossroads identifying options, seeking to change jobs, or reentering the workforce

~ Senior leaders struggling with management or strategic business challenges

~ Writers, musicians, and other artists, balancing creative ideas and projects with other aspects of their lives

~ Students and young adults seeking support as they launch into adulthood 

~ Young professionals seeking career development support

~ Parents finding their footing and creating new relationships as their children and teenagers reach new stages and ages

~ Women whose kids are no longer young, or no longer at home, wondering what's next

~ People emerging from personal crises -- illness, divorce, other losses -- seeking support as they shore up their strength and work to move forward

~ Executives evaluating work/life balance issues

~ People feeling stress, wanting to build confidence, seeking growth, wanting more