What will you get from coaching?

We'll develop a powerful, interactive partnership. Together we'll sift through your experiences, thoughts and feelings to identify your strengths and talents, nurture your vision and your yearnings, clarify your options, and support plans for taking action.

~ Your values will become clearer and you’ll be able to articulate them and measure your options against your values.

~ You’ll grow in awareness of your own beliefs and how they empower you or limit you.

~ You’ll become more aware of your inner resources.

~ You'll become more conscious of the perspectives and opportunities available to you as you wrestle with life’s challenges, and more practiced at choosing what’s next with clarity and resonance.

~ You’ll learn to find and set out on paths forward towards what you really want.

~ We’ll co-create structures for accountability to spark excitement, sustain your motivation and focus, and address obstacles.

~ You’ll notice your own transformation and progress and feel encouraged and more confident.

~ You'll make shifts and changes in yourself and in your life.

And you’ll have my support, compassion, insight, humor, creativity, and authentic, unwavering commitment along with you on your journey.